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Jan 6

Written by: ehanczaryk
1/6/2012 2:15 PM  RssIcon

What was I thinking:
Open Focus

Ed Hanczaryk, PGA, CPGA

A study done at a University in Wales, on what golfers are thinking, found that paying attention either to the target, or the swing, produced only mediocre results.

The study found conclusively that the best shots occurred when the golfers put their minds on the flight of the ball; trajectory, curve, time in the air.

In other words, not the end, or the originator of the action, but the space in between the two.

Open focus

The spaces in between atoms is huge. Even the spaces within an atom is very large. There’s way more space than there is stuff. This seemingly solid world is full of emptiness.

 If you have followed along on the exercises so far in this series, you will have found that our thoughts are also full of space- they come and go like a bird flying through the vast sky.


Identifying with the emptiness has a calming effect. EEG brainwave technology is now enabling people to learn to sink into the ideal brain vibrations, combining alertness with relaxation.

You can do the same thing without EEG. Once your mind is somewhat tamed with the `in the room’ and breathing exercises in past issues, you can now train your mind to find the balance between target, swing, and the space connecting those two. Check out a great book by Les Fehmi, The Open Focus Brain

Not New Age
This is not a touchy-feely-hippy-dippy fantasy. The experience of space can be as real as anything else in your world.


Without emptiness, things get stuffy, there is no breathing room. Open up your mind to encompass both where the ball is, and where you want it to go, get to know the emptiness in between, and you will know the true meaning of the Zone.

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