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Apr 10

Written by: ehanczaryk
4/10/2012 12:15 PM  RssIcon



Why is golf so difficult? A swing thought works for 10 shots, then disappears into that black hole where socks and perfectly good swing thoughts go. Why can’t it be more like riding a bike? (Once you have it, you never forget).

The answer is, in my opinion, that we are constantly being fooled by illusions. Riding a bike is easy to understand, because it is straightforward; you are trying to remain vertical while propelling forward and not smashing into things. Golf is harder to fathom, so we make things up based on what we see, or think we see. Similarly, we tend to take for gospel what people tell us. Perhaps these people are also being fooled and unwittingly passing this false information to us! The web of illusion becomes `THE TRUTH’ when everybody believes it.  

As a teaching professional, I spend my days helping people to improve at this game of golf. I have always had a knack for quickly diagnosing swing problems, but early in my career I wasn’t getting results. As I looked more closely at what was happening inside the golfer (what they were thinking), I began to develop the illusion theory, and my teaching improved immediately. When I first made the discovery on the extent that illusions exist, I was blown away. I kept a 3X5 card handy for recording when they came up; I have discovered enough illusions for 3 books, and through the revolving door, the mirages keep coming! Still, almost daily on the lesson tee, I discover another false notion that is fooling yet another golfer. I believe that at all levels; golfers are laboring under illusions that are holding them back from playing better


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