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Apr 10

Written by: ehanczaryk
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Before tackling this powerful illusion, you the golfer must understand the large difference between learning and performing. When you `work’ on your game, perseverance furthers. Discipline and trying hard can bring you a long way to better golf, on the range and the practice green. But when it’s time to play (perform), that trying can now become a hazard.  

I would call it the wisdom of not trying. The more you can let it happen, and play from awareness rather than ego, the better you will perform. There is no I in golf; get out of the way and let it flow through you.  

Nowhere is this more obvious than in putting. Trying to get the ball into the hole adds layers on the simple act of making a good stroke. Those layers of what if I miss, or gotta get it to the hole, or general spacing out, will be seen as excess baggage, once the golfer stops sweating bullets to get it in, and just relaxes into the simple act of swinging the putter. All you can do is start the ball on the intended line, with the proper speed. What happens beyond that is up to the golf course, or the golf gods, or just luck. Don’t push the river; it is already flowing by itself! 

In driving, the teeing area is a stage illusion can add trying too hard to the process. Just putting the ball in play can go a long way toward easing the try- too- hard neurosis. Again, less baggage makes for a simpler approach to every shot.  

This is a real zen koan; on one hand you are not being a jellyfish with the motivation of melted ice-cream; there is a sense of doing your best. The shot is planned and visualized, and there is preparation for success; but when it comes time to swing the club, no extra help is needed. Your body can do quite well, thank you, without help from the chatterbox on your shoulders shouting directions. 


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